Monday, August 25, 2008

Anti-Intellectualism is Not Biblical. (C.H. Spurgeon and Mark Kielar)

"...grow in the grace and in the KNOWLEDGE of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."
(2Peter 3:18)

Whether it is people comparing the God of the Bible with the "Flying Spaghetti Monster" and using the caricature derived thereof as an explanation for dismissing God, or 500 people at a time coming forward in an altar call to "give their lives to Christ" after they've been moved by a song or the desire to please their fellow men, there is indeed an anti-intellectualism permeating the land. Though the name "Christianity" has been tarnished over the years by such likes as the televangelists, Roman Catholics, and now the Purpose Driven/"Seeker-sensitive" movement, true Christianity has and always will be based on believing true facts that are obtained by knowledge. Someone can not believe in what they have not heard, and how can they hear without a preacher (someone sharing the news)? (Rom 10:14)

This short clip shows that faith is a logical, rational trust that is based on legitimate facts from history. It is not how many in the modern Church derive it today. One of the most refreshing and comforting things I learned when the Lord in His grace started drawing me is the fact that I was not an atheist because I wanted to protect my intellect from foolishness. Growing up in an Arminian based Southern Baptist Church, the intellect just seemed to be frowned upon by many, but thankfully, not all. Years later, though, I realized I cannot live without an intellect.

Many in the modern church do not know exactly what they believe and why they believe it, which makes me wonder if they are believers at all for without an object for faith (Jesus Christ/God), it is nothing.

Again, this video is to show that believing in Jesus Christ, truly believing in Jesus Christ is completely ration despite all the irrational things that have been done in the name of Christ over the centuries.

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