Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Leaving Christianity for all the Wrong Reasons

Theological Reasons: Casualties by Friendly-Fire

Thesis: We have the tendency, left without theological discipleship and accountability, to make God into who we think he ought to be. When that version of him fails, it is not as if the true version has failed, but only the version we created. Therefore, we have not really left God in a proper sense, but we have left the God we made. Sure, this God may be called “Jesus” and he may have died on a cross for our sins, but, for some people, these form secondary characteristics that are not foundational.

He then discusses:

The “My will be done” type of God named “Jesus”

The personal promise maker God named “Jesus”

The “I am primarily concerned about your success and stability” God named “Jesus”

The “I am about your glory” God named “Jesus”

The “Jesus” who said the world was flat

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