Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dave Harvey: Don’t Waste Your Ambition

Dave Harvey, pastor, Sovereign Grace Ministries leader, and author of When Sinners Say ‘I Do’ (Shepherd Press)—recently preached a sermon on ambition. The topic informs the main theme of a book he is currently writing (proposed title, Wired for Glory: Ambitious for What Matters Most). It looks to be another excellent book.

For a little glimpse into the focus of the book you can listen to the message here:

Or download it here.

http://spurgeon.wordpress.com has listed some sermon notes


Don’t Waste Your Ambition
Dave Harvey
John 12:27-29, 36-44, Romans 15:19-20

How do we love God’s glory?

[1] The glory that comes from God is first in a Person.

[2] The glory that comes from God demands pursuit.

Godly Ambition

A. Perceive.

B. Prize.

C. Pursue.


So what does all this mean?

1. The search for approval is over so ambition for God’s glory can begin.

2. Godly ambition should lead us to explore new paths and new opportunities to glorify God. Read Romans 15:19-20.

From the conclusion:

We are tempted limit ambition to our occupations and not to think of ambition within the realm of church. Jesus said, “I will build my church” (Matthew 16:18). We seek to align our ambitions with the ambitions of Christ. Ambition is not only played out in global missions. Take your ambition and apply it to the local church. Seek to serve this local church and perceive the paths available to glorify God in your life. Don’t waste your ambition.

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