Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gospel Connections in Suburbia

Joe Thorn @ suggests eight ways to engage in gospel conversations. He notes:

8 topics that can naturally connect to the Christian faith.

1. Corruption, evil and sin.

Transitions examples: “Even when the unrighteous escape justice in the courts, God says he will not let sin go unpunished…”

My personal desire for vengeance is often quited by God’s assurance of justice…”

In the end, I find that though I am guilty of different sins, I am just as guilty as…”

2. Community.

Transition example: “Part of why I am so passionate about the development of authentic community is because of how the Bible portrays the need for it. We are created by God to live in real community…”

3. Politics.

Transition example: “I regret that Christians are often seen as a voting block of the Republican party. The truth is, the command to love God and our neighbors points to a way that is not entirely in line with any political party…”

4. Environment.

Transition example: “Our dependence on automobiles, especially in the suburbs, is a concern of mine not only because it only perpetuates the breakdown of localism, but also because of the negative effect it has on the environment, and ultimately because I believe God has given us a wonderful gift (creation) as well as us the responsibility to care for it…”

5. War.

“War is a terrible thing, but if we are going to seek to the good of others and protect the innocent, sometimes war is an unfortunate necessity. That doesn’t make the issue easy. In fact it makes it more difficult. And my concern for justice is rooted in God’s love of it…

6. Family.

7. Church.

8. Art/pop-culture

Transition example: “…the protagonist’s search for redemption is reflective of humanity’s serach. The fact that he doesn’t find it is the common frustration of man…”

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