Friday, August 22, 2008

"Yes, Prime Minister" Gets Liberalism Well

As an excellent commentary on liberalism, Ian @ shows a few episodes from the TV show Yes, Minister and its spin-off Yes, Prime Minister.

He notes:
It's a satirical take on British politics from the 70's or 80's. I must admit, it's brilliantly hilarious. John recently showed me an episode - The Bishop's Gambit - where the Prime Minister has to elect a bishop from the Church of England into the House of Lords. He has two choices and one of them (the prime choice) is a theological liberal. I was blown away at how bang-on they nailed theological liberalism (as in John Robinson or John Shelby Spong) and its irrationality. They also do a fine job at showing how the church/state relations in England cause damage. As an orthodox Baptist, I think this episode is fantastic!! Watch and laugh!
***Note: The second video is the one with the clip where they discuss liberalism as well as some of the third, but it's worth watching all four if you can.

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